Reinvention is Sexy

Reinvented women over 50 have an enviable confidence bought from experiences highly publicized and closeted secrets. We move into the unknown world of writing our first book, dive headlong into podcasting, leave corporate jobs, and are hungry enough to plant seeds on land, marked to be our entrepreneurial field. We downsize homes without remorse, travel, eat and drink the good of the land. It’s the boldness of our reinvention, that causes us to show up in the most self- assured way and people call our presence – sexy 

Committed is what we are because of the call inside. Our gut yelled “it’s time to write your book, today is the day to launch the podcast, and don’t forget your dream to become an entrepreneur.” Time proved it’s best to take a listen, plan then make a move. 

The reinvention process can be like a historical rainstorm. One drop leading to another then it becomes a run forward or drown situation – we run forward! People are always watching our commitment to reinvent. Some are hoping for success as we gallop forward. Seasoned finesse spills from us as we network. Genuinely engaged conversation with clients, and our volcanic energy level draws people towards us. Our ferocious appetite for knowledge opens us up to the world. Reinvented women over 50 just have a way of handling commitment, consistently running forward. It’s our why & process of maneuvering that make us intriguingly sexy. 

How can I boldly proclaim that reinvention is sexy? Consider the flair and accomplishments of Viola Davis, Michelle Obama, Linda S. Husser, Angela Bassett, Dr. Cozette M White. Enough said! 

Bold, committed, intentional movement is the perfume worn by the reinvented woman over 50. The fragrance is powerfully fascinating, impossible to forget & the saucy feminine presence lingers.

That’s- sexy!


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