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Go Beyond The Interview, LLC is a mecca for the boomer woman reinventing to become a podcaster and or entrepreneur. Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation is the podcast Margo created and hosts. The show’s secret sauce is that stories/ the journey of others (men and women) who reinvent themselves are shared. In addition, applicable how-to instruction, information, and inspiration-filled conversations are published weekly to the populating listening audience. This formula works! Show me someone that has done it – Share a nugget of how-to instruction/information, inspire me to start! Look out! A fire is about to roar!  

 Why did Margo choose to niche and serve the boomer woman? One, with the growing market of Podcasts, the company found an opportunity to target Boomer Women who want to start their podcast or business a quickly growing, overlooked segment of society. 

Second, Margo reinvented herself to become a professional podcaster at age 61. The podcast launched in 2017 despite the challenges, fears, tears, and besetting questions that can stop one before starting the reinvention journey to podcasting and entrepreneurship; Margo knows them well, as do her podcast guests. 

Yes, the podcast is the first branch of the company, one found wherever you listen to your podcasts.  

It’s vital that new podcasters & entrepreneurs, or those “thinking” about reinventing, have one central location that houses information and instruction that will shine a light on things like imposter syndrome, dealing with the next after a layoff while inspiration abounds abundantly. Unfortunately, Margo could not find such a branch when she left her job of 26 years, so she built her podcast to serve those coming beside and behind her. So, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. Want to reach me aside from the show? A contact link is on this page. Thanks for reinventing yourself, listen and subscribe to my podcast and newsletter because I want to connect with you! 

Shalom to you – Margo Lovett 

Podcast Academy Online Instructor

For boomers looking to learn how to start a podcast from an idea to a fully launched one. Podcast Academy online is built for you.

Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation Host

Built for the boomer woman leaving corporate, looking to reinvent and become an author, entrepreneur, podcaster!

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Built for authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to promote and create buzz for their brands.

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