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Podcast Academy Online

I created Podcast Academy Online as a way of helping people to become successful podcasters in their niche.

I work with independent podcasters every day; I am a podcaster myself; with a goal to teach you the skills that no one told you that you needed to succeed as a podcaster.

I have been in the industry for years and know what it takes to succeed and what the gaps are in podcasters’ knowledge. I just really love the industry – the more podcasters succeed, the better it is for the whole industry – we can create a successful podcast, together!

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Podcast Academy Online Instructor

For boomers looking to learn how to start a podcast from an idea to a fully launched one. Podcast Academy online is built for you.

Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation Host

Built for the boomer woman leaving corporate, looking to reinvent and become an author, entrepreneur, podcaster!

Brunch With Margo Lovett

Built for authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to promote and create buzz for their brands.

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Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation

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