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“Stop Wasting Your Time, and Giving Your Valuable Content Away without Getting the Traffic, Attention and Return
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  • Have you ever crushed a podcast or online interview only to let it simply be just another, awesome, revealing interview that goes relatively unheard?
  • Were you over the moon to be interviewed by a certain host, got prepared and polished only to feel after it’s over “Now W!hat?”
  • Do you find yourself doing interview after interview hoping it will lead to traffic or attention but nothing happens except more use of your time?

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My name is Margo Lovett host of the podcast show Go Beyond The Interview.

Producing and hosting on terrestrial radio and podcast shows is what I have done for the last 15 years. I know for a fact that most guests leave major pieces of content in a cloud, locked in a Mp3 or WAVE file because the interview is over, and that content is never converted or used in other forms.

In fact it was the discovery many years back that I was guilty of burying precious content that lead me to creating the services I do for myself and others.

It’s time for you to say “No more!”

After calculating the true cost spent on preparation, content value, and time I decided to create a system and re-purpose formula so you get a 10x return in productivity, referrals, recommendations and conversion.

Since content is king and repurposing is queen, I wrote a guide that shows where to find content valuable enough to do double duty for you after your podcast interview.

Get ready to Go Beyond the Interview.
“Interview and Content Conversion Specialist for 10x Results”

You’ll Discover:

  • How to come up with awesome podcast interview questions while doing your daily entrepreneurial tasks; content so rich it demands to Go Beyond The Interview.
  • The must ask questions to determine whether you should take the interview in the first place
  • How do you use your answers to drop jaws during your next podcast interview and still have content to use on social media
  • The secret method to cure your productivity and time management and unleash your talent and passion in ways that work for your business.
  • How to always have questions ready for your podcast interview that will automatically create other products and opportunities for you

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